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3 STEM gadgets every classroom should use


Excerpt from:SINEWS By Study International Staff Motivating school learners to get creative in the classroom, STEM gadgets are proving to be innovative tools for teachers everywhere.

Otherwise known as STEM toys, these devices appear on school desks masked in different shapes, displaying varied functionalities.

Fascinated by the benefits of these STEM-based sidekicks, The Toy Association (TTA) decided to conduct research into the current role that these toys play in the classroom, and how they may benefit schools in the future. In their white paper, TTA revealed that problem-solving skills, creativity and socio-emotional skills were all boosted by the integration of STEM gadgets and learning in the classroom.

But from the parental perspectives of STEM toys, there were mixed reviews.

“Parents get that STEM/STEAM is important with an impressive 91 percent recognising the value of encouraging the development of science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills in their kids. That’s why a whopping 88 percent either have encouraged or plan to encourage the development of these skills in their children,” says TTA.

However, the research also unveiled parental concerns such as an overload of screen time and their lack of tech knowledge, as 72 percent of parents in the research agreed that their child’s better understanding of technology made it difficult for them to help their kids learn. Nonetheless, if teachers are enjoying the addition of STEM gadgets in their lessons, TTA has suggested a few that they have labelled as “Good STEM/STEAM toy examples.” littleBits Kits Providing alternative lesson plans, littleBits have various STEM and STEAM learning kits on offer.

For instance, the Kano Computer Kit taps into the big emphasis on computer science and programming today, allowing students to build their own computer to understand how it functions and works.

Or there’s the Avenger Hero Inventor Kit, that cultivates creativity by encouraging learners to design their own hero. VEX Robotics  VEX Robotics has gained notoriety for its IQ starter kits.

Endorsing collaboration in the classroom, these kits have 80 instruction manuals so that students can build an alligator, dinosaur, a working farm and then they get to programme with it.

“Any kid who is into coding can zone in on it and see the physical payoff of what he or she coded. Then if they love it, they can use the same kit and go on to compete – similar to sports and group play. Kids can work together to accomplish a goal,” says VEX Robotics.

Makeblock Building confidence through robotics and coding, Makeblock tailors its curriculum to suit all age groups; from children in kindergarten, through primary to secondary school.

Right now, their “mTiny” early childhood education robot is in demand for children growing up in the digital age.

By using physical blocks and various theme-based story maps to provide engaging simulation, students can receive immediate life-like feedback and generate more creative ideas during their problem-solving processes.

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來源: 星島頭條 原文責任編輯:王明芳 發佈於: 2023-09-11 政府致力發展STEM教育,初中更加入教授人工智能(AI)的課程單元。傳統名校嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院,重新編排課程,輔以活動,把STEM教育普及。學校早前更派出學生參加全球最大型國際中學生資訊及通訊科技大賽「Infomatrix」,獲得一金一銅佳績。 不少學校設有STEM Lab或其他STEM硬件,相較其他學校硬件上投放大量資源,嘉諾

來源: 光明日報 發佈於: 2023-09-05 (雙溪大年5日訊)新民華中首次舉辦“科學、科技、工程及數學(STEM)”展覽會,並以五彩繽紛的大象牙膏實驗掀開序幕,儀式別開生面。 上述活動是於上周日早上在華中恩惠廣場進行,有8個政府與私人機構派人前來參觀;出席者包括瓜拉姆拉?鉛縣教局主任依薩、副主任尤索夫、娜茲雅與阿末迪等。 當天活動包括虛擬現實互動、無人機模擬器、人工智能中國象棋、Astro機

來源: Topick 原文責任編輯:王明芳 發佈於: 2023-08-22 年度學界盛事——第56屆聯校科學展覽(Joint School Science Exhibition,簡稱J.S.S.E.)開幕禮於於今天(8月22日)香港中央圖書館順利舉行,為一連七日活動揭開序幕。 本屆籌備委員會主席鍾琬童聯同香港青年科學院院長岑浩璋教授以及一眾嘉賓包括:香港資優教育學苑院長 黃金耀博

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