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5 ways to take STEM outside

Excerpt from:eSchool NEWS

Published by: Dr. Jacie Maslyk

August 5th, 2020

The weather breaks. The sun is shining. Nature is in full bloom. Imagine a group of students gathering outside in a large grassy area. Their teacher is giving directions and assigning students to teams. In a virtual setting, the teacher makes a video explaining the task and students walk into their own backyards to execute the lesson on their own. We can all benefit from the environmental learning opportunities right outside our door.

Planting flowers, bug hunting, and weather watching are all activities that can be done using social distancing guidelines and are acceptable during quarantine. For parents of young students, going outside during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing.

As we navigate changes entering the new school year, we know project-based learning will be an essential aspect of every curriculum. Defined Learning aligns with standards and does project-based lesson planning for you, saving our teachers and parents time and effort.

Hands-on discovery of STEM content is a great way to engage all learners whether face-to-face or learning remotely. Here are five project-based lessons encouraging students to explore their own backyards.

1) Weather Wonders: What’s the weather where you are today? Students will enjoy observing, documenting, and reporting on the weather in their neighborhoods. Students can use math skills to graph the weather, digital animation tools to sketch the weather, or video tools to report on and record weather clips.

2) Rain, Rain, Go Away: Have students study properties of water, surface tension, or other H2O-related learning. Plan a unit around chromatography so students can explore color and light that come alive when the sun intersects with water after a spring rainstorm. With markers and coffee filters, learners can explore how colors can change and combine. When we choose simple materials, students can recreate the learning experience at home.

3) GaleForce Winds: Use a summer rainstorm to explore wind. Students can design and build kites or windmills or maybe even umbrellas. Once the designs are complete, students take them outside and try them out. Have them capture their flight on video and post it to your class website or learning management system to share with the class.

4) Watch it Grow: With the warmer weather, summer can be a time to dig into some gardening science. Mess with soil. Learn about seeds. Plant flowers or vegetables. You might even extend the planting project by having students design a way to protect plants from extreme weather, deter local pests from eating your crops, or test their creativity by asking them to become a florist to create a floral arrangement for an upcoming event. These STEM experiences can be done at home with the assistance of a parent or sibling.

5) Creepy Crawlers: Bees, beetles, ladybugs, and butterflies; encourage your students to learn about bugs. Whether observing these creepy crawlers in their natural habitats or doing online research, students can check out the insects that come out during nice weather.

Get inspired by the growth, discovery, and activity of the outdoors. Get out of the classroom and explore learning outdoors. Whether exploring STEM while investigating the weather or digging into the dirt, students can advance their learning while engaging in hands-on discovery both in and out of the classroom.

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來源: Topick 發佈於: 2023-11-22 原文責任編輯:梁凱婷 為培育創科人才,都會大學將成爲本港首間自資院校,於2024/25年參與創新科技署旗下的「創科實習計劃」;超過2,000名修讀STEM相關學科本科及研究生最快可於明年暑假,藉計劃獲得創科相關實習機會。 校董會主席黃天祥於今日(22日)舉行的僱主午宴上表示,新安排有助都大學生獲得更多寶貴的實習機會,大大提升其

來源: Sunday Kiss 發佈於: 2023-10-25 科技教育成為現時教育的大趨勢,聖公會聖馬太小學由前任校長到現任張校長都一致發揮前瞻性,大力引入科技教育、STEM教育等,配合多元化的教學方法為孩子增加學習興趣、未來的競爭力。今回「校長辦公室」將會帶大家了解這所學校以其不斷進步的科技教育和豐富的學術課程,致力於培養學生的求知和探究精神,為他們的未來打造了無限可能性。 學校為學生提供更好

來源: 東網 發佈於: 2023-10-15 為配合社會創科發展及鼓勵學童多參與運動,聖雅各福群會與八達通卡有限公司聯合舉辦「八達通創科運動計劃」,吸引逾百名學童體驗乒乓等球類運動,並學習STEM知識。參加者會將科技與體育融合,例如自製乒乓球發球機,同時培育他們的體能及智能發展。 該計劃自2022年推出,並獲社會福利署管理的攜手扶弱基金贊助,目標於2022至2025學年推行首個3年計劃

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